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The Wanderer's Gallery - South Island - 28/12/07 - 05/01/08

The Wanderer's Gallery

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De Haviland Vampire231 viewsOne of my favourite jet fighters (Along with the Me262). These were used back in the days when New Zealand actually had an airforce. Since then, our lefty dictator, comrade Helen, has decreed that we don't need strike aircraft, and the former RNZAF Skyhawks sit in open storage, slowly rotting away. RNZAF Museum, Christchurch
Framed Fox230 viewsFox Glacier, framed through native vegetation. Lou took this, she is getting rather good at this photography lark.
Hole in the Ice219 viewsI spotted this slab of ice at the edge of the glacier. Fortunately, the sun was in just the right position.
Kea289 viewsThese birds are extremely destructive - do not leave your car open, or anything unattended, they WILL steal whatever they can get hold of.
Pancake Rocks197 viewsUnusual limestone formations, look just like a stack of pancakes (admittedly, pancakes from a rather strange kitchen with an unskilled chef).
Buller Gorge Road180 viewsThis little stretch of one-lane road with the rock overhang, on the way through the Buller Gorge, is the most photographed bit of road in the country
Welcome to Collingwood197 viewsWe have a town named after us. Even if it had a horse, it wouldn't qualify as a one horse town, it's so small. It is a lovely place, though, the locals are very friendly, and the surroundings are quite spectacular
Salisbury Bridge175 viewsLou, being the tough Aussie, took great delight in making the bridge swing as much as possible, at which point, I got off....Funny, I feel quite safe flying a flimsy little Cessna 152, but was very queasy on this thing.
Collingwood Museum179 viewsWe even have a museum named after us.....Lou said that I should be one of the exhibits......
Kaikoura Seal185 viewsThis was just off off the main North-South road running down the South Island, and there were hundreds of them just lazing around - apperently they sometime make their way onto the road, squish, squish.....
Hanmer Horses206 viewsWe went for a three hour ride through the bush near Hanmer. Lou had Shar, I had Katie. Shar is a very docile girl, Katie is a bit of a prima donna, and did not like any other horse being near her. She is lovely to ride, though, and very easy to get the rhythm of in the rising trot.
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